Friends Club


Become the fifth guard the city of Šibenik, join the Fortresses of Šibenik - Friends Club!

The role of Šibenik’s fortresses in the identity of the city is invaluable and comes from the mixture of cultural and historical heritage, urban and natural environment paired with a beautiful view on the Šibenik archipelago. With their beauty and story, the fortresses provide a superb experience and a lasting memory to every visitor and thus contribute to the further development of the city of Šibenik into a world-renowned cultural and tourist destination.

The renovated St. Michael’s Fortress and Barone Fortress are valorised, protected and promoted as a cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia. They contribute to the increased interest in the protection of cultural heritage and promote the restoration of other fortress, but also the revitalization of other, similar cultural assets in the Šibenik-Knin County and in the rest of the country.

Join the Fortresses of Šibenik - Friends Club by filling in the membership application form and by paying the membership fee in the amount of 50 HRK or HRK 110 for a family membership. Your membership helps the work of the Fortresses, and the income from your membership fee will be used specifically for the reconstruction of cultural and architectural details of the old town of Šibenik.


Members of the Friends Club have various benefits throughout the year, such as free daily visits and free admission for numerous concerts and events!

Join the Club at our sales desks:

  1. Cash desks of St. Michael’s Fortress and Barone Fortress
  2. On-line: (link to

All your questions related to membership in the Friends Club and work of the Fortresses can be addressed to us in person at the sales desks of Šibenik’s Fortresses, via e-mail: or at +385 (0) 91 497 55 47.