Augmented reality


Augmented reality (AR) is a technological innovation in which user's view of the world is augmented (or supplemented) with computer-generated inputs such as sound, video or, for example, digital characters. Using AR technology, the user is interactively connected with the surrounding real-world, and is digitally controlling his access to available information. Augmented reality is activated by detection of a visual target, and a smart-device is necessary for its use. Today, this technology is being applied variously – from military mapping to design, architecture, education and navigation.

By stepping into augmented reality, a visitor of Barone Fortress can see 17-century Šibenik and its fortification system, and relive the dangerous sieges of 1646/47, the largest Ottoman attacks on Dalmatia – during this time two fortresses which had ultimately defended Šibenik were built. Digital guides – Jure from Šibenik, and Frane Divnić, a historian and eyewitness of the battle – lead the visitor through the story. Experience more than reality on Barone Fortress!